LabComm uses email to provide labs with the status of analyser connections and information on errors or issues.
We normally use our own email server, but we can use the lab`s email server, to send out the emails.  


Laptop email 300 An status email can be sent out each night at midnight.  This shows the last time that each analyser sent data.  LabComm can be configured to send email messages to one or more recipients


If an error event or problem occurs, an email is immediately sent out, 
The messages can include the latest zipped log file.
There is a setting to specify the maximum number of emails that are sent in any day.


This facility gives the status of analysers connection which can then be monitored and checked daily.
Sample Email for the Connection statuses:


Subject: LabComm 90-1 Kings Hospital Analyser status report

Latest analyser send times:

Clinitek01                    27 MAR 2015 23:57:35
Haem01                      27 MAR 2015 16:44:13
INR02                         27 MAR 2015 17:11:02
iStat                           27 MAR 2015 17:51:55
Piccolo01                    27 MAR 2015 17:46:55
Piccolo02                    27 MAR 2015 21:03:15

Sample Email for error messages

Subject: LabComm 58 General Hospital Interface Server Error

Examples of message log contents


"Cannot check DB for a match, pid and sid are empty"

This means that no PID (Patient identifier) or SID (Sample identifier) was entered or sent with the sample. There should always have either a SID or a PID in the data stream


"Connection to VetScan 10003 closed: 10053"

This message can come from remote analysers that are connected via GSM. In most cases the connection will re-establish itself.

The logs are normally sent to the LabDriver / LabComm vendors so we can investigate the issue in more detail 

The zip feature, used to send the logs is provided with the permission of Info-ZIP; copyright (c) 1990-1999 Info-ZIP.