LabComm can import the data from a range of ELISA analysers including the TECAN range. 

QC and Result records are separated at source and can be sent to other LIMS and statistics or QC software using a number of data formats such as HL7, files and SQL database.

The Elisa analyser details are imported – and displayed with other analysers used in the laboratory. This provides a centralised management console and is analyse vendor independent.

However, these analysers do not send the test codes - they need to be matched separated by a LIMS such as LabDriver

The LabDriver solution is to allow for a CSV import of the plate details and these can then be matched with a testcode


The complete range of Tecan ELISA analysers are supported – from single plate readers


To batch and multiple plates



To fully automated analysers



The properties of the analysers can be configured including the Sample Type, Operator and Analyser groups. Analyser groups allow the same or similar analyser to share the same properties. This makes the management of multiple analysers much easier.