We often convert the test codes sent from the analyser into codes used in LabDriver or another LIMS. We can standardise test codes between analysers - so that the same LIMS code for Sodium blood plasma is used between different analysers

We can match an analyser testcode using a numeric ID to the testcode in your LIMS.  The Cobas e411 analyser sends a test code 10 which is the code for TSH. The Abbott Architect sends a code ^531~CMV IgG. We can translate a code to match the codes used in your LIMS.

 This converts unfriendly names into recognisable test codes. A common test name, short test name and LOINC code can be used to help with this process

 Test codes sent from the Abbott Architect

^149~HBsAg Qual
^531~CMV IgG
^541~CMV IgM


These codes are fairly easy to interpret as there is a recognisable short test name. 

However, many analysers simply send a numeric code such as



LabComm uses a Test code translation table. The numbers in the Test ID column are provided by your system


^149~HBsAg Qual Hep B surface antibody Hep B sur Ab 16
^161~Anti-HCV Anti-HCV (Hep C antibody) Hep C  Ab 4
^442~HTLV-I/II Anti-HTLV I & II HTLV 8
^531~CMV IgG CMV IgG (Cytomegalovirus) CMV IgG 6
^541~CMV IgM CMV IgM (Cytomegalovirus) CMV IgM 7
^561~Syphilis VDRL (Syphilis) Syphilis 5
^580~Anti-HBcII Anti-HBc (Hep B core antibody) Hep B core Ab 14


The results for CMV IgG are now stored  as Test ID number 6 as well as CMV IgG. The additional use of the Testname and Short testname helps to simplify the process and aids the validation of the system