Some analysers can send graphical data such as a chart or plot. The data can be captured and stored, both in the DB and in HL7 format.


graphical data-01

A veterinary Haematology analyser such as VetScan HM5 analyser sends the cell distributions for a blood sample. Some of the test results such as RBC (Red Blood Cells)  WBC (White Blood Cells) and PLT (Platelets) are displayed as graphs as well as numeric results. 


graphical data-02

We want to store the plots and charts in a standard format so we can produce lab reports that display the charts the analyser has sent.



The data stream is processed and we extract the graphical data. Thsi data is stored in two tables, one of the tables stores the points and the values and the other stores the Parameters such as WBC^Channels and WBC^Scale(fl)

In addition, we send the data in  HL7 format which includes the values for the graphs

There does not seem to be a standard graphical data formats and so each analyser`s graphical data has to be processed and interfaced to separately