An analyser sends a character result such as + or - and you want to store and transmit it as Positive or Negative 




The character results from one analyser (Eg Biomerieux BacT/ALERT) are sent with values + and -

Results from a second analyser (Eg Beckton Dickinson BACTEC MGIT 960) are sent with values INST_POSITIVE and INST_NEGATIVE

A third analyser (Eg Beckman Access) sends results with values Nonreactive and Reactive


negative and positive-02


We want to store these results as Positive, Negative and possibly Indeterminate. Indeterminate is a category between Positive and Negative


negative and positive-03


As always we save both the original and the converted result (so we can validate and have an audit trail)

The original result has our original values Nonreactive and Reactive

The converted Result now is Negative or Positive.

Our algorithm includes a setting and we map our original to our revised settings.


From AnalyserResultConverted
Beckman Access2 Reactive Positive
Beckman Access2 Nonreactive Negative
BacT/ALERT + Positive
BacT/ALERT - Negative
BD Bactec MGIT 960 INST_POSITIVE Positive
BD Bactec MGIT 960 INST_NEGATIVE Negative
Siemens Clinitek Positive Positive
Siemens Clinitek Negative Negative


 Seperating QC and Tests-01


Each analyser sends their character results in a different format and we have now standardised the format in order to simplify the import into our LIMS system.