We try to avoid storing duplicate test & QC data. Duplicate data can easily arise when an analyser re-sends a test or QC result. This problem is greatest with POC or NPT (Point of Care or Near Patient Treatment) analysers as these analysers are portable and may be moved to different locations.  A Community Nurse takes the analyser out into the community. She is trained to transmit all the results. The analyser may have already sent some of these results out, in which case the data is duplicated 

Our example clinic has 5 analysers



Remove Duplicates-01

Haematology, Chemistry, Urine, Virology

The 5th portable analyser measures HbA1c (Glycated Hemoglobin) a biomarker for Diabetes.

The portable analyser is taken out into the community

The HbA1c portable analyser sends all its results when it is brought back into the clinic


Remove Duplicates-02

We do not want duplicate results.

LabComm Solution

Remove Duplicates-03

We have a option to compare the new record against existing data, both for QC and test results.

If we find a duplicate HbA1c for that sample (SID) processed by the analyser at a specific time we have the option to not store that result.

This means that, where we have selected this option,  the DB only contains unique records