There are two standard identifiers used in laboratory test & QC samples. These are the SID (Sample ID) or LabNo which refers to a sample and a PID (Patient ID) which refers to the Patient

The SID is usually printed as a barcode label and stuck on the sample tube. Most analysers scan and read the barcode label when they process the sample. 


LabNo or SID-01

One analyser sends our SID in the PID field


LabNo or SID-02

We want to use the SID or LabNo as the identifier

We store the sample with the printed SID barcode

LabComm Solution

LabNo or SID-03

An analyser specific option allows us to choose which field to extract the SID from

We don`t want to store blank or empty records that have no identifiers

We have the option to discard records without a SID or PID as we have no means of tracing these records to a patient or visit.