This section gives solutions to the most common problems found in analyser interfacing and the data produced by analysers. The solutions are provided from our experience in interfacing to several hundred different analysers. We are able to offer these flexible solutions as we have parameterised many of our settings. Our background in Clinical Trials ensures that we have designed the system to be fully auditable and we naturally save the original as well as the revised data in our LabComm DB.

Can I send and receive the details of the Operators who have done the work?

Some analysers will send the Operator ID and LabComm will store them

I want to convert 'Reactive' and 'NonReactive' into Positive and Negative

An analyser sends a character result and you want to record it as Positive or Negative

I want to see the graphical data sent by an analyser

Some analysers can send graphical data such as a chart or plot.

I want to standardise units sent by an analyser

You may want to convert and standardise units in test & QC data

I want to standardise the flags sent by an analyser

You may want to convert and standardise flags in test & result data

I do not want to store duplicate analyser data

You may or may not want to store duplicate test & QC data.