Analyser Roaming

How do we manage analyser data from analysers that may either be moving (eg in an Ambulance) or an Out Patient centre that changes location? We can send lab data from connected analysers round the world with a LabDriver black box solution using GSM networks. The cost has fallen considerably - typically 10 Euros per analyser per month

Remote Analyser Connectivity

Labs increasingly work in a collaborative way - with different sites, labs and hospitals in different countries. if we have analysers located in different sites and even in different parts of the world and we want to send data back to the same LIMS system. Some of the sites are also mobile - either POC in home visits or in vehicles. 

Data is automatically collected from the analyser and sent to the LabDriver server. LabDriver have a number of solutions including a GSM solution that will send data from different analyser locations in different countries.