Remote Analyser Connectivity

Labs increasingly work in a collaborative way - with different sites, labs and hospitals in different countries. if we have analysers located in different sites and even in different parts of the world and we want to send data back to the same LIMS system. Some of the sites are also mobile - either POC in home visits or in vehicles. 


There are two options

1. We can ship the samples out, by courier. We may need to pack the samples in dry ice, depending on the sample, in order to keep it cool. 

2. We can analyser the samples as they are taken, process the samples and then send the data.

The sample collection is the same. If we pack the samples, there is a fair amount of extra work and cost

We use the LabDriver remote connectivity solution to send the data back using a “black box” and the GSM Global networks. The data is encrypted and is then processed on the LabDriver server. It can also be sent on to another computer system such as a Hospital Information System (HIS)

Steps to processing samples & connectivity

LabNo or SID 01

We will always take a sample – either a small finger prick sample or we take a conventional samples in a tube ... we either then ship the sample or

LabNo or SID 03

Process samples on analyser, bar codes can be printed and supplied.

Remove Duplicates 01

Capture test and QC results

graphical data 01

 Data is sent to the LabDriver or another LIMS system where it can be merged and validated with other patient data.